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New army stryker

31.10.2020 By Gakus

While many U. Recognition of this evolving reality has been one contributing factor to several recent developments involving U. The entire upgrade provides the ability to detect, identify and defeat a broader target set at greater ranges. Lessons learned following the Dragoon fielding caused the Army to move forward with efforts to enhance lethality for a greater portion of the Stryker fleet.

Here's the U.S. Army's Plan for a Large and More Deadly Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Along with new cannons like the XM, a number of companies are providing new supporting ammunition designs. In addition to that optimized ammo, he pointed to three new 30xmm ammunition developmental programs currently underway.

Ultimately, once those requirements are nailed down for the Multi-Function Munition High Explosive Airburst the Army will put together the requirements for the corresponding training round to go with it, Perkins said.

Another example of weapons upgrades comes from Nammo AS, which has highlighted U. Army, but also the U. That vehicle carried the Mk44 30mm cannon.

Describing how the round provides the ability to engage targets in defilade, he added that the company is currently working with the Army to field the round on 2nd Cavalry Regiment Stryker Dragoons in Derived from the M cannon on the Apache helicopter, the lightweight design allows possible application on a wide range of both manned and unmanned ground platforms. He added that current intent is to have a demonstration of the new capability by the end of this year.

As of press time, four XM cannons have been delivered to the government with an additional seven projected for delivery in November. Current industry expectations include a follow-on contract that will cover support of 10 XM cannons intwo XM feeders, developing the XM Gun Control Unit and Airburst Munition contact set as well as upgrading the cannon fleet to one common configuration.

Early government testing led to recognition of areas where the company could evolve the cannon design to make it more robust, McCollum noted. And the reason for that is the range and the standoff that it will give the combat formation compared to [other solutions]. That, combined with the reliability of the Bushmaster cannon design, I still think makes it a strong choice. And the benefits that larger projectile can bring in an airburst configuration with that larger warhead are significant.

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If you become aware of postings that violate these rules regarding acceptable behavior or content, you may contact NDIA at I have read the legal notice.The latest milestone occurred in June when the Army began fielding the third generation of Stryker vehicle platforms at Fort Carson, Colorado. Today the Army has nine Stryker brigade combat teams: seven in the active component and two in the National Guard. Battle-proven performance metrics include 20 deployments, 30 million combat miles and The first generation of Strykers fielded to the U.

new army stryker

The third-generation systems reflected in the Fort Carson milestone fielding event noted above are designated as DVHA1. It has got a much larger alternator for power generation. And that was in the middle of the pandemic. But they deployed a workforce there, kept them safe, and got all the vehicles delivered.

In addition to fielding within the teams, Venable noted that the Army currently has several hundred Stryker-based NBC Reconnaissance Vehicles fielded to non-Stryker brigades. See story on page After studying initial lessons learned with the Dragoons, the Army sought to expand Stryker lethality across a greater percentage of the fleet.

new army stryker

One result was the February release of a request for information to determine the industry capabilities to produce and integrate a medium caliber weapon system, using an XM, onto a Stryker DVHA1. Subsequent industry responses and early programmatic milestones led to the May award of multiple design integration study contracts for the Stryker Medium Caliber Weapon System lethality program, with the Army currently authorized to procure the upgrade for three of its combat teams.

Six teams initially were awarded development contracts under phase 1, with reports that some of the competitors subsequently decided to leave the program effort. Current schedules reflect continued testing to inform source selection through the end offollowed by a few months of evaluation prior to contract award in late March or early April Acknowledging that the original Dragoon program upgrades were accomplished at Anniston Army Depot, Alabama, Venable said that the specific location for this next effort remains to be determined.

However, the program represents just one element of a broader set of enhanced lethality capabilities. Some of those will be able to fire the Javelin. Reiterating that it was the combination of ongoing lethality upgrades that could significantly impact the future mm MGS decision noted above, he observed that both the anti-tank guided missile system and CROWS-J recently entered important test phases.

GDLS Awarded $1.2bn US Army Contract for Stryker IM-SHORAD Vehicles

The anti-tank guided missile system has entered ongoing preparations, training and fielding for its operational test and evaluation out at Yakima Training Center in Washington state. The service anticipates that the first unit equipped for all the Stryker lethality upgrades will be Infantry in fiscal yearhe said. While the chem-bio platforms are the only Stryker-based systems currently fielded outside of the combat teams, Venable acknowledged that one future vision could expand the platform in non-Stryker units.

So the DVHA1 forms the basis for a number of both current and future capabilities. And it will result in tactical data at the right place at the right time to the right leader on the ground at the very tactical edge. In parallel with their own future integration planning, the Stryker platform has appeared in several developments and testing by other Army organizations. One of these developments was the creation of six Interim Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense system platforms now entering soldier evaluations.

A more recent example emerged during an early August briefing by Brig. So the software and the hardware can be applied to anything. QinetiQ North America served as the prime, utilizing hardware from previous robotic programs including the route clearance interrogation system. Kongsberg was a subcontractor on the contract and provided the wireless fire control, he said. Other organizations, such as the Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office and some of the laboratories are working on those projects, he added.

We have a direct interface with all the brigade combat teams and a very strong relationship with the commands in which those brigade combat teams reside. Topics: Army News.Air and missile defense is a major modernization priority for the Army as it prepares for future, large-scale conflicts with adversaries such as Russia and China.

Northrop and Raytheon will each bring their laser-equipped Stryker to a competitive shoot-off scheduled for the third quarter of fiscal Army officials plan to select one of the prototypes, which will ultimately be among four vehicles fielded to the first platoon equipped with the kilowatt version of M-SHORAD. An environmental group filed the lawsuit contending the training endangers the safety and quality of life of Boise residents. There is an obscure law that theoretically could thrust the active-duty military into a police-like role.

Reality Winner was found guilty of violating the U. Espionage Act and sentenced to more than five years in prison. Lawmakers are requesting details on Turkey's reported use of Russian-made S surface-to-air missile system against Fs. The vessel known as the Boomin Beaver doesn't launch helicopters off its deck, but it is packed full of shock and 'awww.

Military News. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. You May Also Like. Judge Grounds Air Force Urban Training Plans in Idaho An environmental group filed the lawsuit contending the training endangers the safety and quality of life of Boise residents. Specter of Election Chaos Raises Questions on Military Role There is an obscure law that theoretically could thrust the active-duty military into a police-like role.

My Profile News Home Page. Most Popular Military News. More Military Headlines.By Kris Osborn - Warrior Maven. Washington, D. The Army has received its first Hellfire and Stinger Missile-armed Stryker vehicle to bring a new era of air and missile defense to fast-moving attack units by killing enemy drones, helicopters and incoming missiles.

The vehicles, in development for quite some time through an Army deal with General Dynamics Land Systems, are intended to bring back a Cold-War era emphasis upon air and missile defenses - with a uniquely modern and high-tech attack possibility.

GDLS is now delivering the first handful of nine prototype vehicles it is on contract to provide the Army. The newly armed Stryker, Linson explained, introduces new dimensions to armored vehicle gun attack.

Compared to an existing M2. The new gun can fire at least twice as far as a. The target tracking, lock-on and fire functions are managed by a control stick and soft switches on the screen, allowing the gunner to slew the weapon onto the target.

new army stryker

As a result, ground infantry supported by armored vehicles, will have more mobile air-defenses to address closer-in air threats. This is where the Stryker SHORAD comes in; infantry does not have the same fires or ground mobility as an armored Stryker, and handheld anti-aircraft weapons such as a Stinger would not have the same defensive or attack impact as a Hellfire or Stinger-armed Stryker.

In a large mechanized engagement, advancing infantry needs fortified armored support able to cross bridges and maneuver alongside foot soldiers. Chinese or Russian helicopters and drones, for instance, are armed with rockets, missiles and small arms fire.

SHORAD brings an armored, mobile air-defense in real-time, in a way that most larger, less-mobile ground missiles cannot. Along these lines, a recent essay from The Modern War Institute at West Point raises the point that Russia has an extensive and very evolved railway system - which enables much faster and larger deployment potential.

Stryker Brigades able to move long distances at mph can offer a countermeasure or equivalent to rapid Russian mobilization.

Interestingly, a recent RAND report offered a unique window into often under-recognized elements of the Russian threat and Russian motivation. Osborn has also worked as an anchor and on-air military specialist at national TV networks.

The Air Force Research Laboratory is beginning early work on a new-generation of hypersonic weapons. If commanders have merely a fraction of the response time associated with most existing weapons, how can they defend? The Army plans to receive its first prototypes from three vehicle-makers as soon as this year. Special Video: Upgraded Army drone explosive attacks and kills enemy drones.The U.

Army is quadrupling the number of Stryker combat vehicles equipped with the new millimeter autocannon. The upgrade will allow Strykers to better fight against similar vehicles used by potential adversaries. It is part of an Army-wide effort to increase firepower as the service swings away from guerrilla wars back to the prospect of big-power conflict. The Stryker is an eight-wheeled armored vehicle designed to carry an infantry squad across roads and cross-country to the battlefield.

As originally conceived, the Stryker would have light armor and just a. The emphasis was on a fast, lightly armored vehicle that could quickly deploy to distant theaters. The Stryker can travel up to speeds of up to 60 miles an hour on roads and up to miles on a tank of gas. Now, as the U.

Army contemplates potential ground combat against the mechanized armies of Russia, China, and North Korea the emphasis is shifting away from mobility and towards firepower. There are currently seven Stryker brigade combat teams, and each brigade has about 4, soldiers and more than Strykers.

In the U. Army decided the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, a Stryker brigade combat team and the only U. Army mechanized unit permanently stationed in Europe, needed extra firepower.

The new turreted Stryker is known as Stryker Dragoon. The Protector turret, manufactured by Norwegian defense contractor Kongsberg, is armed with a XM millimeter autocannon and a M 7. It is completely unmanned, operated by the Stryker crew inside the hull of the vehicle.

Army signs $1.2 billion Stryker air defense deal

Protector is stabilized, allowing Stryker Dragoon to fire accurately while on the move, and is equipped with a thermal camera, day camera, and laser rangefinder.

Now, according to Defense Newsthe Army has decided to equip three more Stryker brigades with the Protector turret. Heavier brigades, equipped with Stryker Dragoons and Javelin missiles, would be more suited to taking on modern mechanized armies. Stryker Dragoon is an example of the Army quickly addressing an urgent need from the field, developing the new gun and turret and testing it over a period of about two and a half years.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Army photo by Sgt. Sara Stalvey. Chinese ZBD infantry fighting vehicle. Wikimedia Commons.The vehicle is named for two unrelated U.

Strykerwho died in the Vietnam War. Army Chief of Staffoutlined a transformation plan for the army that would allow it to adapt to post- Cold War conditions.

The plan, named "Objective Force", would have the army adopt a flexible doctrine that would allow it to deploy quickly, and be equipped for a variety of operations. The General Accounting Office rejected the protest in April Assistant Secretary of the Army Paul J.

Hoeper called the IAV "the best off-the-shelf equipment available in the world in this class", though many in the Army openly wondered whether the vehicles were underclassed compared to the vehicles they might face in battle.

The Army is officially adding missile-hauling Strykers to its arsenal

Four brigades were funded in the DoD's budget proposal for fiscal yearwith Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld deferring a decision on two additional until July The New York Times noted the swiftness with which the program had proceeded from its inception in In NovemberStryker vehicles were deployed in the Iraq Warwhere they saw mixed success.

Unexpectedly fierce resistance by insurgents prompted field upgrades to the vehicle's armor. The upgrades came at a cost: in addition to hindering mobility in the field, the additional weight ruled out transporting the vehicle by C Peter J.

Schoomaker told the House Armed Services Committee that "we're absolutely enthusiastic about what the Stryker has done.

Army report from December said the Stryker was "effective and survivable only with limitations for use in small-scale contingencies.

Army in a plant in London, Ontario. The vehicle is employed in Stryker Brigade Combat Teams, light and mobile units based on the brigade combat team doctrine that relies on vehicles connected by military C 4 I Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence networks. As ofover 1, Stryker vehicles have been rebuilt by Anniston Army Depot and returned to operations. Throughout its years in service, the Stryker has undergone various survivability upgrades and received "kit" applications designed to improve the vehicle's ability to withstand attacks.

The US Army plans to improve its fleet of Stryker vehicles with the introduction of improved semi-active suspensionmodifications reshaping the hull into a shallow V-shaped structureto protect against improvised explosive devices IEDs.

Also included are additional armor for the sides, redesigned hatches to minimize gaps in the armor, blast-absorbent, mine-resistant seating, non-flammable tires, an upgrade to the remote weapon station that allows it to fire on the go, increased ampere electrical generation, a new solid-state power distribution system and data bus, and the automotive and power plant systems improvements to support one-fourth greater gross vehicle weight.

The upgraded V-hull will be part of the new StrykShield situational awareness kit, which will address many of these upgrades.The goal is to get someone to sign up, right.

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new army stryker

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